Typos in Coding-Helo World!

Hoping to document my journey and discovery into the world of coding. Id be lying if I said I wasn't nervous about this . What if I end up not being as good at it as I want? Am I even articulate enough to be talking to others online? Also, who would care what I have to say about this anyway?

But I’ve decided its best to just get over the fact that we cant all be spitting out War and Peace from our laptops and just start to focus on your story.

To truly capture my journey I might as well start now, as close to the beginning as possible. I’m sure as I progress I will involve myself in complicated concepts and processes that will truly confuse and annoy me.

But at this moment, nothing bothers me more than… typos!!

And lets be clear. I’m not talking about having them that annoys me. Its more the fact that having them doesn't allow for anything else. When a friend texts you “Hey, Lets meet tiday”. You understand. Lets be honest, if I sent that and a friend responded with “ What do you mean?”, I’d question the friendship. But changing a variable name from name_of_cats to name_of_cat accidentally means you may have entered a world of pain.

Software programming is so exact. I mean this shouldn't really shock me. My background is in civil engineering. Not exactly an area where you wouldn't want people to be exact. Still, there was room for words here and there to be incorrect without danger to loss of meaning.

Here are some of the solutions the internet has provided me for avoiding typos:

  1. Use a spellcheck/ IDE autocomplete

Sure but what happens when the typos are also real words?? Remember cats != cat. Also, anyone thats used autocorrect before knows that it doesn’t always know best.

2. Improve typing skills

Does anyone else remember those learn to type programs from elementary school? I think we used one called “All the Right Type”. I remember hating it. Maybe I should have focused a little harder when I was young.

3. Type SLOW.

Although I agree this will work, I don’t like this. I find once I have an idea on how to solve the problem, unless I go at the speed of my brain, I’ll lose it! My fingers are constantly losing in the race with my brain, no need to slow them down anymore.

Hmm I guess there isn't really a solid solution to this. Something I’ll just need to work on.

And there it is! My first checkin on this (hopefully) lifelong journey into coding.

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I love seafood, exploring new cities, board games and learning to love to code. https://github.com/sarakhandaker/portfolio

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