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  • Orion Kindel

    Orion Kindel

    Advocating for quality, user experience, and thoughtful design in code and in products!

  • Akiko Green

    Akiko Green

    Software Engineer

  • Janu Sung

    Janu Sung

    Just another one of those dreamers with a sparkle in his eyes.

  • Gulgina Arkin

    Gulgina Arkin

    Multi-human-lingual and multi-programming-lingual | https://www.gaierken.com/

  • Joshua Mclean

    Joshua Mclean

    Programmer. Lindy Hop Dancer. Founder of HellaBlackLindyHop

  • Valerie Foster

    Valerie Foster

    Software Engineer

  • Nabil Sutjipto

    Nabil Sutjipto

    Digitizing Indonesias healthcare one microservice at a time. Currently engineering my life with real life lessons.

  • John Souza

    John Souza

    Web Developer Focused On Human Connection \\ https://www.linkedin.com/in/john-souza-91001519a/

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