Civil Engineer Meet Software Developer

My Background

Let's walk through how I ended here. I did my undergraduate degree in civil engineering. Civil engineering, summed up deals with the design and construction of the physical space we live in. This includes buildings, roads, bridges, dams and many other structures. There are many specializations within this broad field. I chose to do my masters in geotechnical engineering, focusing on the soil and subsurface and its relations to these structures we build. I decided after two and a half years of working in the civil engineering/ construction industry to learn more about software engineering. That's why I enrolled in this Flatiron Software Engineering Bootcamp.

How can increased use of software benefit civil engineering?

Software engineering can help create more efficient, cost-effective designs and it is beginning to be implemented. The benefits range from updates to software used for calculations and finite element analysis to more innovative applications such as nanotechnology for construction materials and using AI for data and decision making. Below are some specific ways that increased use of software engineering can benefit the civil engineering industry.

Causes of resistance to software applications in civil engineering

Given all the benefits of an increased software presence in civil engineering, there are many reasons why there is some resistance. This has resulted in a slow shift towards more software applications and the field of civil engineering lagging behind where it could be.

Why this is it going to be important in the future

The ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) includes the following vision for civil engineering in 2025: “ create a sustainable world and enhance the global quality of life”. Let's discuss why this is so important for all of us.


As long as humans continue to build or change the physical space they live in civil engineering will always be important. It is going to be increasingly more important for this field to stay up to date and as efficient as possible. Software engineering will be the tool that should be used to support that and make it easier and more efficient. I hope to be at the forefront of this.

I love seafood, exploring new cities, board games and learning to love to code.