10 Common Coding/Programming Polarizers

Can we guess what Disney princess you are from your coding style?

If I wrote Buzzfeed Quizzes that’s the one I would write. Everyone codes with their own unique preferences. Ever watched someone code and realize how different their style it is from your own? I’ve gathered some common debates I’ve heard on coding styles.

I’ll answer what my style is as well, so you can get to know me as a coder. Given that I’m still newer at programming my way may not be the best way. Below are simply my preferences on these 10 topics that tend to divide coders:

1. Spaces vs Tabs

I prefer Tabs, it's just faster. Though I will admit I can sometimes be a bit too relaxed on my formatting in general.

2. Curly Brace on the Same Line vs New Line

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Source: https://hashnode.com/post/starting-curly-brace-in-the-same-line-or-in-a-new-line-which-one-do-you-prefer-citnv5wig0dei3453yw7so1di

I usually keep my curly braces on the same line. I like to see as much of my code at the same time as it helps me visualize it. I tend to have smushed together code for this reason.

3. Comment Often vs Sparingly

I believe comments should be used sparingly but effectively. They should be brief and helpful. In general, I focus on keeping my code self explanatory with good variable names and following proper conventions. This can help cut down on comments.

4. Early Morning vs Late Night Coding

I'm a morning person so I’ll wake up early and code all the solutions I dreamt of the night before.

5. Braces Vs No Braces For a Single Line If Statement

if (something){

This one I came across online and I didn’t even know people were skipping the braces! I usually have them since as soon as the if statement goes into place I automatically put the braces in. Muscle memory maybe?

6. Pair Programming vs Solo Programming

Hmmm, I am torn on this one. I enjoy both and like to mix these styles whenever I can.

7. Light Mode vs Dark Mode

I prefer Dark Mode. That's just what I started with and so I’ve stuck with it. Now when I see Light Mode it's almost like staring that the sun.

8. IDE vs No IDE

As a new programmer, I use an IDE. It just makes my life so much easier!

9. Standing Desk vs Chair vs Exercise Ball vs Bed

I normally work at my desk with a chair. But lately, with COVID and working from home I’ve found my ideal location is on the roof of my building on patio furniture.

10. WFH Vs Office and Cubicle vs Open Space

I started my programming journey during COVID-19. Therefore all my experience is WFH. I would however prefer the office and working near others. That's why I'll say I prefer an open space office over a cubicle.

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I love seafood, exploring new cities, board games and learning to love to code. https://github.com/sarakhandaker/portfolio

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